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  PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Tech Specs

PSJailbreak Specs

PS3 Jailbreak Specs

It is a plug and play USB device that can be installed in a flash. It does not void the warranty of your PS3, and the installer can be set up step by step. The PSJailbreak is compatible with FAT and SLIM models and supports consoles distributed in the US, Japan, Korea, and PAL.

The PSJailbreak can disable forced software updates and supports all games although it disallows backups of DVD and Blu-ray movies and old console games.

The PSJailbreak can backup games into the hard drive and boot off directly from the GUI. You do not need to purchase Blu-ray burners, which are really very expensive. You can simply play the backups through your hard drive and expect it to play twice as fast as Blu-ray. You do not need to worry about lags and glitches using the PSJailbreak.

With the PSJailbreak, you can introduce your console to new homebrew applications and load homebrew games using any USB hard drive and even flash drives.
Moreover, you will also get a device that’s fully updatable by simply plugging in the PSJailbreak into any computer that has a USB port.

PS3 ModChip FAQ

1. Can you install the PS3 USB Mod Chipeasily?
YES, definitely. The PSJailbreak is a plug and play program and you will only spend a second to install it. There is no need to open or modify the console.

2. Will installing it modify my console?
It does not permanently modify your PS3 console. It is a plug and play device, and as soon as you unplug it from the USB port, it is then disabled.

3. How to install the PSJailbreak?
To find out how to install the PSJailbreak, simply check the instruction manual. It will guide you through the process quickly and easily.

4. Does it come with a warranty?
Yes, the PS3 USB Mod Chiphas a 1-year warranty. If there are issues and concerns, the resellers will be the ones to handle it.

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