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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a PS2 Mod Chip?
A: When installed in your gaming system, such as a PlayStation 2 o rPS2 Lite, a mod chip will allow you to play imported games as well as ps2 iso backups of your original games made on CD-r or DVD-r Media.

Q: Does a Mod Chip work on ALL PlayStation 2 models?
A: Our chips will work on all version PlayStation 2 models.See the Compatibility chart for details. (We even have chips for Dreamcast.)

Q: Why do I need a mod chip to play imports and backups?
A: The Sony PlayStation 2 checks the country code on the CD before it allows the game to start. If the country code on the disc does not match that of your PlayStation II, it will not allow you to play the game. Similarly, the console checks to make sure you have inserted an original disc and not a backup.

Q: Why are there so many different version of mod chips?
A: As Sony and Microsoft continue to enhance their consoles mod chip developers meet the demand with new and more sophisticated chips.Check our compatibility chart to see which mod chip is right for you. For PS2 the easiest install is the Fliptop Shell with Swap Magic Discs. The easiest play is the Apple or Magic chip, but these require soldering. For XBox your basic choice is between the Mini-X and the Enigmah-X.

Can I buy a pre-modded playstation 2?
Yes you can do that or use one of the easy plug-and-play PSs2 external mod chips.
Acekard 2 works great for the clear PS2 fliptop cover that will let you swap CDs and DVDs to play game backups without modding your console. External mod chip are a great alternative

Q: Is it hard to install a PS2 ModChip?
A: No! It is easy to install a Mod Chip if you know how to solder. The typical installation time is 25-60 minutes - from unscrewing the first screw to putting the last screw back in. The installation requires you to solder from 4 to 23 wires to your PlayStation or XBox board, depending on the version mod chip you choose.

Q: How do I know where to solder these wires?
A: When you purchase Mod Chips from us, we supply you with solder, wire and online access to full-color illustrated, step by step instructions with crystal clear installation pictures to guide you through EVERY step of the installation process. With our pre-wired kits all you need to provide is a screwdriver and a 15-watt soldering iron! For the more complicated chips we also provide Clip Sets to make the job easier.

Q: I've looked at your instructions and i think this is not a job I want to try. Can you help?
A: Sure! We offer installation service of all our chips at reasonable prices, completely guaranteed. You can also buy a pre-modded Playstation or XBox from us.

Q: Are there any other solutions for playing my backups and imports?
A: Yes there are.We offer external Neo Keys and several other plug-n-play devices. Your best bet if you don't want to solder is the combination of the Fliptop shell and the Swap Magic disc set. No soldering--just replace the PS2 shell and follow our instructions.

Q: Does your Neo 2.2 Mod Chip work with Game Enhancers?
A: Yes, but if you have a stealth chip you must follow the procedure listed below to use the cheat code system in the Game Enhancer.

  • Insert the DVD
  • Keep the DVD door open
  • Turn on the PlayStation2
  • Select your cheat code now (optional)
  • Close the door
  • Within one or two seconds, select 'start game' or 'start game with cheat codes

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Mod your PS2 to play backups and DVD discs from all regions PAL and NTSC!
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Slide Card - PS2 FlipTop & Mod Alternative  

ps2 slide card swap magic

With the Slide Card you dont have to install a modchip like No Solder, NEO, Messiah or DMS3 to be able to play your backups or import PS games. You do not have to open the console, therefore your Sony warranty stays intact. Normally when installing a backup solution, you have to open your console, and "split" the warranty sticker on the back.

No changes to the internal system of your PlayStation2 are made so using the Slide Card your PlayStation2 is operating completely normal. Playing PS2 and PS1 original games as it should, and playing DVD movies as it should. No difference there.

But when using the Slide-Card in conjunction with the Swap Magic Discs, you will be able to play:

- PS2 CD-R backups PAL or NTSC
- PS2 DVD-R backups PAL or NTSC
- PS2 Original import games
- PS2 EA games patched or un-patched, it makes no difference

Swap Magic Discs Included in the set!

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